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Welcome LR is simply all about you obtaining real results, beyond your expectations and ultimately hitting your goals from our specialised training packages! We love good people and good people deserve to be serviced well.

We know a lot about services, especially as our founder Lee Riley has a strong tried and tested military back ground, however don’t worry too much as ‘Lee The Marine Riley’ has an off switch somewhere, we think. The clients that we take on board are never just a number. We will come to know you inside out, to go beyond your personal bests and build a strong, motivating and trusting environment.

Along with the unique content of the LR programmes, what separates our services from other personal fitness services. Lee Riley lives what he preaches to a International athlete standard of fitness. The best genuine results of what really work is proved by the hard won evidence, over the last twenty years as a experienced athlete, soldier and coach.

The stop watch and LR World Record performance don’t lie! Our commitment to you is we will treat you as an indivdual, commit to you 100% in support and motivation with a quality program to become your very best. You will EXPERIENCE a strong and trusted client / trainer partnership.

Lee Riley is an Elite Record Breaking Athlete, Personal Trainer, Performance Coach, Consultant, Author and Speaker in London, UK. A former British Royal Marine Commando and Army Soldier, serving 9 years.

The highlight of Lee’s military career was being attached to the SAS and SBS, within United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF). Which included over 24 months of military winter mountain training, anti terrorism black Operations, working with the Para selection team and obtaining military Parachute Wings.

Six military type fitness World Records were broken, because ultimately Lee’s physical known limits, fitness knowledge, passions and potential were never truly met in the British Armed Forces. Lee Riley has to know how far can he go, this is what motivates him and what drives LEE RILEY FITNESS in the pursuit of excellence.

Lee Riley has been a Ambassador to The Royal British Legion, Shelter, The Soldiers Charity and Help Our Wounded, with managing and competing in events. And continues to represent and help great causes. Lee Riley is driven to aid, by how fortunate most of us are compared to the many who have very little, suffer unconditionally and the progression of technological luxuries, we have access to compared to the the recent generations.

In 2017 Lee Riley has just released the highly detailed Multimedia Fitness e – Book ‘FITTER FASTER STRONGER – BUILDING A CHAMPION.’ Find it in the LR Shop.


Royal Marines
Royal Marines Commando
British Army
Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers


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Its all about Achieving your Life’s Vision, Goals, Personal Challenges, what are yours?

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Get in touch with LEE RILEY to achieve in person, or LR’s hugely popular consulting and mentoring, coaching services. It does not matter where you live, it’s about providing the right support and Information to surpass your goals, whatever they may be.

Lee Riley’s e – Book includes his own personal training programs, that he still uses today and were used in conjunction with breaking all the World Records and various fitness challenges around the world. The programs include many videos and images for individual and group training. Lee Riley’s proven programs show how all the programs can be adapted to your own personal needs and lifestyles, just as LR’s services are flexible to gain the results you want.


Lee Riley still holds 5 Running Military Fitness World Records. A 40lb’s weighted pack, is the recognized World Record weight, equivalent to carrying military assault weight, including a soldiers personal rifle.

At the end of 2012 Lee Riley held all of the Guinness World Record 40lb pack records at once, Including the Marathon World Record.

Lee Riley Is the first and only one to do this. This has never been repeated, In any other sport, covering this range of distance from sprint, all the way through to Marathon distances. During all the attempts Lee Riley made, he ended up breaking the records, a total of 9 times.

Lee Riley has just launched the highly detailed multimedia fitness e – Book.


The Soldiers Charity
Royal British Legion
Help Our Wounded


Lee Riley the full fitness biography, spanning over twenty years. Explaining how it all began to the present day time line, is a huge section in ‘FITTER FASTER STRONGER:- BUILDING A CHAMPION.’ The e – Book is in the LR SHOP NOW

wfmIn 2013 the BBC and Muscle and Fitness UK magazine endorsed Lee Riley, with the acclaim of ‘The World’s Fittest Man.’